Friday, March 09, 2007

Cravings at One Utama

Heard of this place? I just went there on Wednesday. Went for a movie then went for dinner. Quite a quaint little place. On the Ground floor next to GAP in the New Wing.

A very quaint old china coffeehouse.

The menu

I ordered Fu Kin Chao Mein (Fried Hokkien Mee)
I think it was RM12

It does looks a bit like worms but its just yellow mee!
Kinda tasteless though. Not enough salt.

And very full after eating it. Dunno y!

This is what my mum ordered. Cantonese Fried Kuew Tiao.

This is nice. Seriously. I think the only thing that is worth eating.
Around Rm12 also I think.

I went here a few times already. Tried different things but all of them ok ok only. Nothing special. But the Cantonese Fried Mee is nice. Got Wok Hei! (Em.. fried enough!) Or something lidat. My mum loves that dish here. Always order same thing wan.

So yeah. If you want nice oriental food, this place is not bad.


zewt said...

have to remind myself.. i am on a diet... on a diet... on a diet... on a diet....

-Princess Shin- said...

aiyoh.. really so cham meh? haha.. just make sure you have a balanced diet and eat 80% full then it should be all right.

Take care ya!

fireflygal said...

That restaurant's food looks very good, and it looks like a good place to go too! Hope you had a nice time there.