Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dim Sum Girl

I found this! So cute!

This is what you call by true Malaysian culture!

For those non-Malaysian, dim sum is a chinese delicacy. You can find it in almost any Chinese Restaurant. Its different food serve in a small brown container. We have fishball, prawnball, lotsa things. Its really nice.

And its normally serve in a tray by pretty Chinese girls. Hence the song.

What do you think?


cincailah said...

pretty chinese girl? serious? i never encounter pretty dim sum girl, it's either aunty, foreigner from up north, or son/daughter of dim sum stall owner.

freethinker said...

Hmm...pretty ? Hmmm.. depends the location. Got air con : likelyhood of LL is higher... No aircon ...> AUTIE !!!!

Andrew said...

Ai say.. why look at pretty girls when going for dim sum??

Of course besides the fact that I'll be murdered by my girl, I always make the quality of the dim sum top priority.

Perhaps that's why I'm so fat now :)

freethinker said...

WAH... u got the video also..nice

Wan Yean said...

if the nearby dim sum shop has pretty waitresses i'll be up every morning by 5 to go over for my breakfast and flirt. all i got here is old uncles and aunties.. =_=!

bout the linking thing, ur link will be up along side my new template. harap bersabar! check my comment box for the long story :D

KE Liew said...

Got got, i think you all go to the wrong dim sum place. haha~

Everytime we go to that one place, also got. :D

-Princess Shin- said...

haha.. really that bad ah? Got la. try those nice chinese restaurants! Haha.. but daugther of dim sum stall owner may be pretty too right? And aunty from up north. Not bad wat! Hehe..

no auntie la. Just indonesian guys! Hehe..

wah.. so nice to have a guy like you. Give food satisfied di. Gals no interest! Haha..

Thanks for dropping by!

Yup!!! Nice right? Haha.. funnY!

-Princess Shin- said...

wan yean,
haha.. got that desperate ah? get up at 5 am? no aunties or uncles la. Just indo guys! Hehe..

ke liew,
Wah.. where you go oh? Muz share le!

Thanks for dropping by!