Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Books Warehouse Sale

As my imaginary readers, you guys will always have access to good stuff. Not that I get first hand information but if I find anything that I like, I will definitely share with you guys.

Book lovers?

Well.. There's a warehouse sale in Atria Shopping Complex Damansara Jaya. Its by Big Bookshop. Dunno whether they're closing down or something but the books there are seriously cheap.

See this book over here?

Past Secrets by Cathy Kelly? Not sure whether its nice or not but its just RM 10 bucks!!! And its hot from the shelves.

Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern is also RM10 bucks. If I'm not mistaken.

Too bad I read it already.

I found this book okay okay only. Kinda draggy. It just goes round and round on how two people that love each other can't seem to be together. Kinda sad if you ask me. Not a feel good book.
But special because the whole book comprises of e-mails and letters between the main characters. And with that the story slowly unfolds itself. Couldn't wait for it to end so I would know the ending but nothing to shout about. But a definite chick lit.

Wouldn't mind trying her new book, A Place Called Here.

Here are some book list that I found on the net. BestSeller List 1900-1995 (really long), and All Time 100 novel. Maybe then you'll get an idea on what to buy.

Anyway.. the details are as follows,

Date : 9 March to 23 March 2007
Time : Morning till Night. (Kinda forgot the exact time! =P)
Venue : 1st floor Atria Shopping Center

These people should really start paying me for doing this. Oh well.. Anyway.. guys go have fun choosing your books ya. We should show people that Malaysians are a bunch of reading maniacs toO! =)

I'm definitely going to make a trip there again. Wahaha..


boo_licious said...

Thanks for the Cathy Kelly tip. Been ages since I read chick lit, must stock up my shelves.

pinksterz said...


i lurve books!


i am linking you btw.^^

hcfoo said...

The books at Big Book Shop sales in Atria is very cheap. Especially if you like fiction.

-Princess Shin- said...

Yup! Chick lits are nice to read sometimes. Have fun reading them. Thanks for dropping by!

thanks gal! =)

I'll link you back too.. And I love books. Absolutely love books! We share the same interest! high five! =)

Yup!!! Really cheap. Crazily cheap. Super cheap. No good working there coz I keep spending my money on books! haha..