Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New credit card site

Are you those people that go around carrying large amounts of money where ever you go and just don't bother using credit cards or are you those kind that have multiple credit cards and hate bringing large amount of cash everywhere?

Do you use your credit card everywhere? Every opportunity you get?

I know my mum is one of the latter group. Everywhere she goes she must make sure that the place accepts credit card. Or else she would either not go in or she would make a big fuss out of it.

I once ask her why she must use her credit card everywhere? What's the difference? And she told me that she uses her credit cards so often was because she can collect loyalty points at the same time.

Talk about marketing gimmicks!

My mum is a definite sucker for this. She loves going through the catalogue and slowly thinking what to redeem when the time cones. And I'm sure my mum is not the only one.

Whatever the reason it is, its no denying that credit cards are a definite luxury now. Not to mention convenience and a necessity.

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