Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Layout Again!

Yeah.. If you noticed, I have a new layout again. I dunno what it is with me but I keep getting bored with my layout after a month or so. Maybe it because I don't really have a layout that is unique to me.

I don't really know how to design my own layout. Template or whatever you call it. Something that is me.

Maybe a bit pinkish, with flowish designs..

Something lidat. But until that day comes I guess I will have to satisfy myself by just merely changing the colour of my fonts, or my background.

Actually I wanted to change it a while ago but I was a bit afraid to take the new step. I just change my blogger to the new blogger.

Quite confusing I know. What with the beta blogger and now the new blogger.

I changed it a while ago but didn't change my template to the customized one. Blogger has the new design where you don't have to go to your HTML to add stuff on your blog. Links, etc etc. Now, all you need to do is just go the the page element and you can add stuff from there. Change the colour of your fonts or add labels or pictures on your blog. No need for you to guess what does HTML language stuff is about.

It can be quite mind boggling I tell you.

But now with the new customized design, the HTML stuff is even more mind boggling! Last time, after a few trial and error, I found that I can copy and paste background images to specific places on my template to change my background and stuff. But now its more hard coz everything seems to have change. So it took me quite a while to decide whether I wanna have the confusing template or not.

You get me?

Anyway, I thought that a dark background would bring out the pictures better.

What do you think? Prefer the pink background?

Is it just me or is the connection nowadays really very slow? I can't seem to add coments onto other blogs because they take ages to load.

One whole day sometimes! Craziness!!!

If you guys haven't change to the new blogger yet, or the customize design, I suggest you go for it. It is seriously much more easier with this page element thingy. You can add labels, pictures, links with just a few clicks.

Blogger is really slowly improving!

You go blogger! =)


Benjamin said...

last time template nice oh!

Anonymous said...

Like it.
I think if you can design your own from scratch..then go for it..So creative.

zewt said...

i definitely need to learn how to change my template... someone taught me, but i am just not an IT person... damn it!

krystyna said...

I didn't have experience with this, but I think about what is new in bloger area.
I thought that a black background is better for pics.
Keep up this work!