Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm sick

Have you ever been sick and not know the reason behind it? Or even know what sickness you have?

I'm not talking about cancer and stuff.. Those are big things. I'm talking about small little naughty bugs that you get occasionally just to make you stay in bed a little bit longer. Or suffer a little while longer by having porridge whole day long or filling up the rubbish dump with your tissues every 5 minutes.

Why am I bringin this up?

Well, I got up at 2 am last night, a bit dizzily, not fully knowing what was happening, on my bathroom light, knelt down in front of my toilet bowl and vomited out my dinner.

The force was so strong that even my nose came out some greenish stuff which I figured was the veggies I ate.

And no. I'm not pregnant.

The first thing my 14 year old brother asked me when I told my family what happen.

Ha! It wasn't even a question. More like a statement!

"You pregnant ah?"

Was the immediate response of my brother. No concern face, worried that I may have some terrible sickness or something.

Thanks lil bro! >.<

I felt dizzy the whole of yesterday. For some reason yet to be known by me. Had a bit of tummy upset too. Didn't have much appetite but still ate all the same.

Made not much difference though coz it ended up in the sewage later.

Seems that my brother wasn't feeling well too. He vomited Friday night at 3am. Or Saturday morning. Watever you call it.

When I told him that it was all his fault. That he pass the bug to me. He said he's vomiting was due to the fact that he was playing his Nintendo DS in the car that night and he felt uneasy after that. So he got up in the night and vomited out his dinner.

Hmm.. What do you think?

Maybe its because of all the late nights I'm taking due to all these blogging. All your fault imaginary readers!!!

Why are we feeling like these? Is there a naughty harmless bug or is there something more to this?


Thumbelina said...


Rest well & get well soon..!

I know how it feels to wake up in the middle of the night to vomit.. Totally sucks! Wanna rest & sleep also canot.. Eat already also thorw up then felt like, better dun eat so later wont vomit.. (Tat was how i felt when i experience this problem)

Take care!


-Princess Shin- said...

that's what happen to my brother. He kept complaining he was hungry but didn't dare to eat coz he was afraid he would vomit. Hahaha.. I didn't have any appetite at all to worry but such things.

Feeling much better now though.. Thanks!