Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Another year has passed. How fast was that? It felt like it was just yesterday when I celebrated CNY 2006.

Its 2007 now. I'm old. For those Chinese customs illiterate its the year of the Pig!

Tomorrow Chinese all over the world would be celebrating Chinese New Year. Tonight will be the reunion dinner. Since my grandmother passed away, the tradition is slowly dying away. The fun of Chinese New Year is not that grand anymore. The empress dowager is no more there to reign her supreme on to all her subjects. Therefore all her subjects are slowly leaving for other place when CNY comes.

On the first day of CNY, we would all get up early, put on our new clothes and head up to my grandmother's house. First we would have our vegetable curry which is my grandmother's specialty dish. That's coz you have to eat 'zhai' (vegetarian dish) for the em.. first day of CNY. I'm not sure whether it is just the first day or the whole week. She would cook a whole big pot of the vegetable curry and that would be our meal for the next whole week or so.

After that would be the 'zham cha' ceremony. (tea ceremony) My grandmother would sit on a chair while her children would one by one offer her tea. Starting from the eldest of coz. I remember I use to feel very awkward at those times coz I had to speak in Cantonese to her and wish her health and prosperity for the whole year. Coz only after that would I get my Ang Pau. No wishes no Red packets. =( My Cantonese was terrible and I always ended up making everyone laugh at me. My brother hated it even more. Wahaha..

We don't have this tradition anymore. Last year was the first year my grandmother wasn't around. One of my uncle din even make it for the gathering on the first day of CNY!

Luckily though we still uphold our reunion dinner. Though its just a family gathering but when there is like over 20 people, it kinda gets loud and noisy. Quite fun actually. Reunion dinner is the only time when I get to meet my dad's brothers and sisters. Though we all stay in KL but somehow everyone is so busy with their own lives that we forget to even say hello to each other.

My dad's younger sister will be in-charge with all the cooking. She's such a great cook. Learned all the family's secret recipe from my late grandmother. Its a lot of work you know. Cooking for 20 people. I shall tell you later what I ate okay? =)

I'll be going down to Malacca tomorrow to visit my mother's side of the family. And most importantly to collect Ang Pau too! Wahaha... Red packet with money inside! It will only be for one day though. Will be coming back on Monday. KL is so quiet now. It is scary. The usually busy street of this metropolitan is literally like a ghost town now. You can lie down on the road with no fear of anyone knocking you! Everyone has gone back to their hometown. Even the shopping complexes are close.

KL is boring now!

My Cody is back in Johor for the whole week! I'm left all alone.. Boohoo...

I used to compare the amount of Ang Pau I received with my other friends. They would get like RM 500 to RM 700!!! I would normally receive a mere sum of around RM 200. I used to complain that my relatives were selfish old scrounge. I know... I'm a bad ungrateful girl.

I shall change okay? =P

Chinese New Year to me isn't one that holds a lot of tradition. I know of a lot of families that do a lot of things come Chinese New Year. They're super busy when this time of the year comes. Cleaning the house, buying new stuff for the home, decorating the house with red stuff, cooking and making cookies.. etc..etc.. But my family, well... Lets just say my mother is not one that loves tradition.

I really hope though that when I have my own family next time it would not be this way. I would have my own CNY traditions.

One thing though, I have officially tidied up my room. SUper Big ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! Wahaha...

Okay... I need to prepare myself for the reunion dinner now.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! ^.^

Gong Xi Fa Choi!!!


Chris said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai


Happy Chinese New year!

freelunch2020 said...

gung xi gung xi
may u find more wealth, joy n love in this oink2 year...oink oink oink

pink fairy princess sa said...

happy chinese new year!!!
gon hei fatt dai choy!!!

oh ya, i wanna ask that you signed up for personal acc in pay pal or business acc?

Terra Shield said...

Happy CNY Princess!!!!

krystyna said...

Hi Princess Shin!
I am not one that loves practice tradition as your mother, but thanks for this remind. Chinese New Year is important to my doughter-in-law. She is from Taiwan.
Thanks for this interesting story!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Irene said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Princess Shin!!!

May more fame, fortune and fabulousness be yours! Woohoo! ;p

-Princess Shin- said...

Happy Chinese New year to you too! Thanks for visiting! =)

nuraina a samad,
Thanks. Hope to see u again! Take care!

Gong Xi Gong Xi. May your new year be filled with health, happiness and prosperity! Take care! =)

pink fairy princess sa,
Hehe.. thanks gal. Hope you had a wonderful new year!

I signed up for the personal acc. U signed up already? Remember to put my e-mail ya! =) Enjoy earning money! =)

terra shied,
Happy Chinese New Year to you too my dear blogger friend! =)

Thanks for sharing. Your daughter in-law muz hav lots of interesting traditions to follow! Muz be a fun time of the year! =) Enjoy your new Year!

Thank you! May you be young, beautiful and sexy always. =) Hehe.. Enjoy!