Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogging Anonymously

I need to ask you guys opinions, wat do you think about blogging anonymously?

Do you blog anonymously?

Or do you splatter on your whole blog every details of your life? And not to mention those cam-whoring photos?

I'm not saying its wrong but what do you guys think?

Somehow I feel that those blogs that put up photos of themselves doing everyday stuff are more popular. Especially those that include pretty gals. Obviously right? But seriously.. some are juz doing nothing. They post tens and thousands of pictures of themselves with facial expressions that don't really defer much from the previous wan and their readers love it.

Then they complain they get too much attention. Ironical.

What do you call those blogs? Bimbo blogs. Haha..

Again.. I'm not saying their wrong. But would my blog be more interesting if my blog became a bimbo blog?

Wanna know how I look like?


Or you juz couldn't care less?

Though I know I have met some really nice bloggers that aren't afraid to post pictures of themselves and their families. And I love it. I somehow feel connected to them. I wanna be able to do that too but...

It wouldn't be fair right? I can see them but they can't see me.

The reason I set up this blog wasn't about catching up with old friends or stuff lidat, its the direct opposite. None of my friends know about this blog of mine. That's because this blog is another side of me that is rarely known by my friends. My thoughts, my feelings. Its another side of me and I don't really feel that I'm ready to share with people. Even though I don't tell ppl about this blog of mine, they will stumble onto my blog someday. This world is already small, wat more with the Internet.

Hence the anonymousness.

But on the other hand, I would love to share with you guys, blogger friends that I have made this past few months, the personal side of me. My photos, including those cam-whoring ones.

What about does that don't blog anonymously. Do you regret ur decision? Or do you love the attention! I wanna know!

So what do you think?

Wanna see my cam-whoring pictures?

Or not?

No perverts please. Thanks.


WTJ said...

i'd like to see your cam-whoring pictures

Keshi said...

awww I'd luv to see that I know u a lil bit anyways. Show me ur pics!




Horny Ang Moh said...


freelunch2020 said...

yeah cam-whoring esp on xanga + myspace + friendster~~~~~


but i guess some ppl want to see pretty things too :D but also feeds all the sex maniacs out theer!! there are some on myspace that explicitly advertise that they are available for sex!! teenagers..what would their parents say?

visithra said...

I blog in my name - i dont write everything about myself though some ppl assume i do ;p - but actually i post selective information ;) - the reason was simply the world is too small - someone is gonna put 1+1 and realise who u are

what i did do is - i went international n most of my contacts are from overseas

i however dont post photos simply coz i don't want someone popping out from the blue and telling me they know me - but i love meeting the ppl behind their blogs ;)

Benjamin said...

i truly regretted my decision to go public. it sucks to have to filter everything I'm writing because everyone knows how i look like and where I'm studying.

That's two stuff that i have to cross off from my things-that-i-can-make-fun-of list: The government. My lecturers.

allen said...

at least show one
so that we know who is behind these beautiful words

Relax said...

I blog for arts and self help

it is good for me to be anonymous

I got the advantage of having a sense of mystery.
when there is a blogger meeting, I am not tensed :)

Menchie said...

I don't regret my decision to not be anonymous but there is a certain limitation to what I can write about.

Would love to see you!

Miss Positive said...

I prefer to be anonymous. I certainly don't want my sis to read what I blog!

Anyway, all those pics of girls posing as sexily as they can? Those bimbo blogs you were mentioning? Yeah, they are popular. With the guys.

It's up to you if you want the cyber world to see the princess behind all these words or not. All the best.

terra shield said...

Being anonymous is better I think... it's adds an aura of mystery. However I think you're right about some bimbo bloggers out there (I think we're talking about the same person, here) who have got legions of fans just because they post thousands of pictures...

As to revealing yourself, you can maybe post a picture or two, if you wish, but some of your anonymity will disappear with it, I guess.

And yes, I'm sure everyone lovesto put a face to the name behind the blog :D

v I v E k said...

blogging half anonymously and half shown faces is good i think..i prefer not to put up everthing about me on the blog..that was the reason why i deleted my friendster account.

v I v E k said...

blogging half anonymously and half shown faces is good i think..i prefer not to put up everthing about me on the blog..that was the reason why i deleted my friendster account.

krystyna said...

Hi Princess Shin!
I think it is better first make little expirience in blogging area and after that decided what you prefer.
It depend on what kind of blog is.
Genarally I like blog with photo and without photo I like too. Your pcs- photo is beautiful.
All the best to you!

Merv Kwok said...

I think you should blog comfortably. There will always be people who'd wanna see what you look like and know more about your life but I think you should never give anything more than you're prepared to.

So yea, blog comfortably hehe

Arz000n said...

I started ma blog to rant about my breakup and then write something so senti that if one day ma ex wakes up in the morning and say, "I want z000nie...lemme read his blog and find out if he still misses me". I was carrying this stupid hope for like 7-8 months afta which I realised, she aint coming back...its betta to write something intersting coz people already have problesm in there life and no one wants to read my senti stuff anymore...hehhee

so I totally revamped and changed ma blog title to Bizarre state :))))

Did I just read cam-whoring?
I need those snaps on this blog then...yumm yumm

To be frank, I dont like reading blogs that tell a lot about personal stuff like how many times the blogger had meals..n she pooped 27 times in a day and how she loves her pet dog n blah blah blah :P


Anonymity is reqd in cyber world....u neva know ;)

Danny Foo said...

I'd brand my face on my blog not for vain-ness but because for a blog like mine that discusses on serious issues in relation to the website industry of Malaysia, reviews and other honest opinions it gives out more confident to my readers to know that I'm a real human writer.

Running a professional blog involves other psychological requirements. Almost the same question you'd be asking why do companies want a photo attached to my resume?

So for my personal preference, personal blogs might want to stay annonymous and professional blogs need to show their face. :)

Irene said...

I don't mind sharing my personal experiences but I never publish anything I am not 100% comfortable with. =)

It's really up to you, Princess. Just blog according to your comfort level. Reveal only as much as you REALLY want to. ;p

-Princess Shin- said...

Really? What if i scare you? =)

That's true. Curious right? hehe.. What about you? Thinking of going public? =)

horny ang moh,
Aiyoh mr.horny guy. If you write those stuff then muz be anonymous wan la.. hehe.. I dun have naughty stuff on my blog! But i post cam whoring pictures let ppl like you enjoy how? =P

Thanks for dropping by!

yeah.. i agree. I have a friendster account. That's for keeping in touch with old friends. Blogs are a bit different. You can't avoid sex maniacs right? Scary thinking about it though..

-Princess Shin- said...

But you don't put your full name so somehow its not that public. Although people can definitely put 1 and 1 together if you post too much information. But good idea in finding international readers. I love meeting ppl behind the blogs too. That's why i feel i should do the same too. But.. Oh well.. Thanks for sharing ya! =)

Really? You regretted? But don't you think you'll be able to connect well with your readers better? Though i agree with you that you can't blog about your lecturers. But the government should be okay. Just don't overdo it. Kennysia is a good example right? Though that's a bit too famous! Hehe..

You're a sweet talker. I'm blushing! =)

That's true. Being anonymous has it pros too. I guess it depends on what you want. But blogger meeting? Haha.. i din know being anonymous has that advantage. Why would you be tense? Thanks for dropping by ya! =)

-Princess Shin- said...

bloggers like you give me a reason to go public! =) I'll love to share about my family and friends but is it safe? And you can't blog about anything that you want anymore. I guess its a choice then. Thanks for sharing!

miss positive,
You put it in such a nice way. Hehe.. I like. The princess behind all these words. Mayb your royal highness should remain in the palace and not go out for fear of being recognize. She may have to wear a disguise! Hehe.. Thanks for sharing ya! Cheers!

terra shield,
Being anonymous definitely has it pros. Hmm.. i wonder who you're talking about.. Haha.. Everyone is obviously curious to see who's behind the blog. But is it a good move? Though i would love to see you too! Hehe..

friendster account is strictly for my friends. Those that know me. Blog is different thing altogether. But how do you put half a face? Meaning you're still anonymous right? =)

You're so sweet! =) Got photos you like. No photos also you like. Haha.. I'm glad you like my blog. Its bloggers like you that makes my blogging experience so enriching! ^.^

merv kwok,
Well written advice! =) Blog comfortably. That's true. Its the choice that we choose. If you prefer to blog anonymously that by all means. Right? Though i would love to see the face behind the very weird but truly funny humor!

-Princess Shin- said...

You started blogging for that reason? Interesting! =) Glad you moved on! Good luck ya! Hehe..

I agree with you. I don't like reading those daily personal stuff in blogs. Although most of the time they have nice cam=whoring pictures to make it popular. But somehow i agree that anonymity is required in the cyber world. For safety reasons. Thanks for sharing.

danny foo,
I think you brought up a very good point there. I din think of it this way! If you blog about a certain topic that is not connected to your personal life at all its definitely okay to go public. Thanks for sharing and dropping by! =)

Yes. Comfortable. Haha.. I guess I'm analyzing everything too much. Thanks for sharing ya!