Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ang Pau - How much do you get?

All children and youngsters look forward to Chinese New Year. Why? There's only one reason and one reason only. No matter what the child may say, reunion dinner la, get to see all the uncles and aunties.. bla bla and bla... there will only be one reason that will outshine all.

And that is to collect ANG PAU!!!

But how big are the Ang Paus nowadays?

Do you care how much your Ang Pau is?

Most of the Ang Paus that I get are all around RM 10 bucks. That is around US 3 dollars. RM 10 bucks will be from my relatives whereas friends will give me around RM 2 to RM 6 bucks. Even then I'm still happy whenever I receive any Ang Pau regardless of how much is it.

Money is still money right? Can buy a bowl of noodles leh.

But my brother is always complaining how stingy one of my uncle is. He gives us RM 5 bucks every year. I can't blame him actually coz he has retired a few years back and is now only surviving on pension alone. So I don't really expect a large amount of money from him. But my brother is always going on and on about how little the money is and how terrible this uncle is.

There was one time where he started complaining again and again until my mum couldn't stand it anymore and started to reprimand him. Asking him to not be so rude and be more appreciative and respectful. And also telling him that he should be lucky that he is even getting an Ang Pau!

My brother actually answered,


Haha.. Imagine that. He rather not want that RM 5!

Kids nowadays. Goodness gracious me. *shakes head*

I don't really know where the tradition of Ang Pau came from but I remember my mum used to say that she used to be thrilled when she received 20 cents!

And my brother rather not get RM 5!!!

Ang Pau is more like a treat given by adults to the children to spent and have some fun. Some children get to keep their Ang Pau and spent it how they like. Some need to give back to their parents for safe keeping or just as a balance back to their parents coz their parents also give out Ang Pau.

Is only fair right? Or else it would just be out and no in.

I have counted my Ang Pau so far and it is only around RM 150. Counting all my relatives and friends.

So how much is considered a lot and how much is considered too little?

What do you think?


Chewxy said...

My angpau is getting significantly less and less each year, thanks to inflation.

Lol... you can read my blog entry about it. A littl nerdy though.

And also why ang paus are just token amounts, so no point complaining

pink fairy princess sa said...

oh..ang pau huh...
The amount i got this year is slightly more than last year and thank god my parents don't fancy the ang paus i got...hehe

Miss Positive said...

I LOVE getting ang pows! Haha! I don't mind if it's RM5 or RM50, I'm thankful for whatever cash I get.

Wow, your bro must be one really fussy fella. Haha! Don't worry, he'll learn to appreciate money once he's older and working.

v I v E k said...

well as long as the other person whom we know got more money than us, then it is never enough:)

-Princess Shin- said...

Hahah.. really? I don' really feel the meaning of inflation right now. =)

Thanks for dropping by!

pink fairy princess sa,
My Ang Paus are slightly more too!!! Hehe.. lucky us! Wahaha..

miss positive,
My brother is not a fussy fellow. He's a spoiled brat! =P But I agree with you.. Ang Pau is an Ang Pau no matter how much it is. Its still money inside!

have a nice weekend.

Yup! You got that right. We humans are greedy creatures. Including me. Sad sad.. Hehe..