Thursday, January 11, 2007

New layout

Finally... after days of scouting through countless background sites, waiting and waiting for the pages to load, I finally settle down on this layout. Phew! What a tiring experience!

Maybe some of you in the process of me changing my layouts came to my blog and saw weird things. Well... you din see anything. Okay?!

Ok... maybe it’s not that wonderful or eye-catching but I really crack my head to find the perfect colour for my blog.

Let's see...

Black... I like black. I have a darker side of me that a few people am aware of. But I'm quite bored with black.

What about pink? I love pink. But will this be too pinkish?

Argh... It was terrible. I was gonna give up and just delete my whole blog.

Call me perfectionist or something but this is me!

SO New Year, new layout.

Wat dya think? =)


Anonymous said...

Love it. Good job.

pink fairy princess sa said...

nice nice
i shall say pink is the new black=)

-Princess Shin- said...

janet a.k.a. "wonder mom"
Hehe.. thanks! You're so sweet! =)

pink fairy princess sa,
hehe.. you praise me nice! Thanks galfriend! =)