Sunday, December 10, 2006

Malaysia Sweet Malaysia

I'm finally back in Malaysia now... Ah... Home sweet home. You never realized how beautiful your home country is until and unless you face the prospect of living in another country for god knows how long.

Seriously, although technically it was just a holiday for me but the mere thought of leaving Malaysia, my home, my country was quite a sad thought. I know Malaysia has it flaws and everything. What with the recent outcry of dress codes in Kelantan, government enforcing cyber laws and everything. It sometimes can be quite frustrating living in Malaysia.

But hey... love is to be able to accept everything about the person right?

Same goes to my country too..

My family and I finally touched down on Wednesday and the sense of belonging radiantly filled my heart. I was so relieved and glad to be home.

I wonder why I made such a big deal out of this whole thing.

On the ride home from KLIA on the taxi, I was slowly appreciating everything that was around me. Hehe.. the PLUS highway, the trees, the houses, my beloved Twin Towers. Sigh.. Beautiful! =)

Lets not even start with what I’m gonna miss most when I leave. Yes.. The FOOD!!! There's no Malaysian food over there... what am I gonna do?

Well... I guess this is what it takes to be a global citizen. To be able to absorb and celebrate other country's culture and beauty. It’s really not as easy as it sounds.

*small voice*

I wanna stay home.. =(

The taxi service in KLIA is really getting from bad to worst. A few years back, once you get down from the plane, you can immediately catch a taxi to whatever destination to fits you.

Now, it’s not only expensive but you have to wait for at least 1 hour to get a cab.

Malaysia oh Malaysia.. Is this the first impression you wanna give our foreigners the minute they get set their eyes on our beautiful country?

However, I heard that they give priority to foreigners in selling taxi tickets.

No wonder we locals have to wait...

>.< Ok... no more talking bad about my country. Here are some pictures I took from the plane! =)

This kinda reminds me of the show 'Lost' where everyone was sucked into this thing.


Is it nice? Is it? Hehe... The beautiful clouds and Mr.Sun. I use to always think how lovely it would be to lie down on one of those fluffy clouds. But some 'humbug' pointed out to me that clouds are made of water vapour. Thanks a lot. =( Bursting my childhood wonders!

Just imagine we see this wherever we are. Any part of the world. We are no different actually. You and I. We share the same planet. Our beloved earth. What is different is the colour of our skin, the languages we speak, the food we eat, or the tradisions we follow.

Or is it really that different?

I was quite suprised that you can actually take pictures on the plane. I mean with all the window and everything. This goes to show how terrible I am in photography. But am slowly learning now! =)

I'm going of again to KK, Sabah for the next week. Don't think I'll be able to online over there. Have a nice week you guys! ^.^


Bearette24 said...

it's true, i think even if you love the place you live, you want to change some things about it. but at least you love it!

nice fluffy cloud pictures, by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of the clouds...!

I used to love taking pictures of the clouds when i was in secondary school with my best fren... We used to walk around carrying a camera then whenever we see nice formations of the clouds we would snap it! Even if we are half-way crossing the road... HaHa!

So i guess it would be my turn to snap when i am on the plane towards Bangkok on X'mas eve... HeHe...


Keshi said...

Change is good for the soul.

Lovely pics there! I love clouds.


Cergie said...

I like clouds ! When you are above them you have no problem with rain !

Anonymous said...

i'd forgotten how nice the view is from a plane. I never got around to taking pictures of them.

terra shield said...

You're right about being able to love home despite all the flaws...

Love the picture of the clouds, though :)

Tm Lee said...

I got few place photos oso from my recent flight to Perth...wana check it out?~

tulipspeaks said...

we tend to appreciate sumthing only when we r no longer have it. ironic isnt it? between, those r awesome pics!


terra shield said...

you have been tagged....

pink fairy princess sa said...

welcome home!!
welcomw home!!!

Anonymous said...

wow cool the way you seem to be blogging better and better

Anonymous said...

next year is Visit Malaysia Year 2007, improvement in KLIA is a must.

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Anonymous said...

Hey hun just to say I am back now not posted for ages had stuff to do just hopped in to say hi. And there are good and bad things in every part of the world, no-one and nowhere is perfect we just gotta love em all.

-Princess Shin- said...

Yeah.. Nothing is perfect. But well.. home is home! =)


Oh goodness.. lucky you were not knocked by a car! *shakes head*

Waiting for your pictures! =)

It makes us stronger right? I absolutely agree with that! Hehe..

Thanks anyway!

You think so? Hehe.. Nice thought! =)

Its really beautiful from up there. Not counting the air pressure and the oh-so-terrible air pockets though! =( Hehe..

-Princess Shin- said...

terra shield,
Yup.. Malaysia is our home. The whole package! =)

Thanks for tagging me!

Yeah.. sure! Nice pictures of the city!

yeah.. That's human! No matter how much we are reminded to appreciate everything around us. But it never hurts to be reminded again! =)


pink fairy princess sa,
wat a long name you have now.. hehe.. thanks for giving me a warm welcome! =)

oooh.. Thanks for the gracious compliment! I hope i don't disappoint you! =)

I so agree.. Really hope they do something about it.. All talk and no say wont change anything! =(

right you are my blogger friend! =)