Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas in Vietnam

I can feel the Christmas spirit already in Blogspere nowadays! It is another month away from Christmas (almost!) but everybody is busy putting Christmas pictures on their blogs! So figured since I'm in Vietnam, I should do the same too..

Here are some pictures i took while walking in town today.. Some are pretty cute..! =)

Snow man all having 'tortured' expressions. Wonder why?

Dun take away me pressies! >.<
Tree of lights! Beautiful..

Took this while I was on the escalator! Hehe.. Nice dresses!

One thing I have to mention also is the coffee in Vietnam. For all coffee lovers out there.. all over the world.. There's another country now that serves delicious coffee.. Not Italy, or Africa but yup.. In Vietnam.

I'm here to present u with...

Highlands Coffee!!!

Not sure why its called Highlands. It makes you high when you drink it!

The sweet aroma of...

Coffee Beans! Weird colour though..

Nope.. its not San Francisco Coffee house, or Coffee Bean or Starbucks.. Its Vietnam's very own homemade Highlands Coffee!!!

I was skeptical of it at first when i heard my mum said it was the best coffee in the world.. But coming from an ardent coffee lover herself, it was quite a statement coming from her! It muz be something.. i thought!

Mummy playing! =.=

And I was right!

They served very little though.. The glass came and it was filled to the brim with ice! And the coffee was only half-filled! Ice black coffee was the best though.. i tried the one with milk and i didn't really like it. Maybe i personally don't like coffee with milk.

The atmosphere was cosy and comfy too.. With plush sofas and dim lighting. Beat that Starbucks! =)

I like the lights the best!

Since I am going off tomorrow, I'm gonna post the few remaining pictures i took of Ho Chi Minh City.. ^.^

They have quite beautfiful parks over there..

This is just a small margin of the amount of motorbikes over here! They an abundance!!!

Took this when I was in the taxi! Rush hour!

They're all kinds of transportations over here.. There is the 'motorbike' taxi..

Enjoying life..

And the age old trishaw puller...

Waiting.. Waiting.. and Waiting...

They kinda scary.. Once they see you walking past them.. they'll come and pester you to sit on their 'vehicle'!!! >.<
So just put on a stern face and shake your head!

There are a lot of peddlers too.. Ranging from old woman selling drinks to young girls selling postcards! Its quite heart breaking too sometimes seeing an old frail lady carrying heavy boxes of can drinks. You can also easily spot middle age women sitting by the side of the road sitting on a small stool selling noodles. They'll have a pot beside them and a few bowls. That's their business! Din take any pictures though.. =(

This guy was quite cute! Hehe.. He looked straight into my camera!

Took these from my hotel room balcony!

Congested bustling city of Vietnam!

I love the tall tall trees the best!

Wont they topple down? Was my mum's main concern!

And one more thing.. Can someone please explain to me why there isn't any CATS in the city? Not even a single one. Is it just me imagining it or is there NO cats in Vietnam? What happen to all of them???

There's something fishy going on here..

Mystery... Kinda scary too...

All in all I kinda enjoy my trip over here. Especially since i started blogging, i see everything in a different perspective now.. Always thinking..

'Will these look good in my blog?'

I admit my photographing skills are not up to standard yet.. but hey.. the important thing is i had fun right!!! =)

Malaysia.. here i come!!!


Bearette24 said...

Nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures...

Keshi said...

wow ur blog is always full of people, fun and mostly LIFE. ty!

that cat pic is soooo CUTE!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shin!

Nice blog & photos! I can feel the X'mas spirit in ur wonderful blog!

If i were to be like u taking photos everywhere i went, i am sure my bf will give me the OMG look.. HaHa..

See ya around!


tulipspeaks said...

:) kinda nostalgic to see this template. its the exact template i had a year ago!

the cat definitely caught my eyes. and i assume u r a coffee lover, like me! hi-5!!!


-Princess Shin- said...

Thanks for dropping by! =)

janet a.k.a "wonder mom"
Glad you like it! i had fun taking it too.. =)

I love the cat picture too.. hehe..

Wat a lovely compliment to give my blog! Thank you! ^.^

Hey thumbelina!

My bf is already use to me taking pictures everywhere! haha.. he was teasing me initially but hey.. it's me! Hehe..

He's not here anyway.. =P

Thanks for dropping by!

oh? You use this template too? Well.. we have good taste then! =)

Thanks for dropping by!

pink fairy princess sa said...

but i prefer the old template...
coz it was pinky...
but da new one still nice=)

Merv Kwok said...

eh, is that cat pic from vietnam? if yes, kesian lerr...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful journey! Thanks! Amazing photo!.I never drink Vietnam coffee.Now I'm sure I'll try.
Good luck to you!

-Princess Shin- said...

baby sa,
hey! welcome back! Hope everything is ok now! =)

I kinda miss my pink template too..

merv kwok,
i told you i didn't see any cats in vietnam! =( so this wan is fake. Hehe.. found it on the internet!

Hello! Glad you like it.. i just love to share! =) Be sure to try Highlands Coffee!

tha Ca$peR said...

Hi. Come visit my blog.

getzapped said...

fun pics. the snowmen made me laugh. Thanks for trip around town ; )

Anonymous said...

Wow. The Malaysian princess is now a jetsetter! Woohoo!

How fun!!! Keep travelling! :p

Frannie Farmer said...

Yummy. Bring on the coffee. That looks delish!

Ces said...
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Ces said...

Very interesting travel journal your highness. I love your description. I like the park photo. I heard about the good coffee in Vietnam. You know I don't have to go to Vietnam. All I have to do is go to Houston. Do you know that the streets in downtown Houston have Vietnamese names and labels? They also have many Vietnamese in Houston and they have a Vietnamese town.

-Princess Shin- said...

the casper,
sure.. nice to meet you!

Welcome! Glad you like it! The snowman was really very cute! hahah.. =)

hehe.. yeah.. me a jetsetter! =)

i'll sure keep travelling and sharing! Wana sponser me? =P

frannie farmer,
the coffee is indeed delish! strong and yummy. MMM..!!!

your highness graciously thanks you! =)

yeah.. i heard there's a large vietnamese community in US. Is the coffee there nice too?

Anonymous said...

eh the people there can speak any language besides vietnamese ah?

-Princess Shin- said...

Hardly.. =(

50% can speak terrible English.

20% cantonese

and dunno how many percent can speak French. Not that it matters to me..

Cergie said...

I like snow, I like good coofee, I like your pictures from Ho Chi Minh City

Anonymous said...

actually, they do have cats lol. my uncle's house always had a couple creepy cats stalking around.