Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wat i want for Christmas! Or Anytime before that!

I'm not really a tech savvy kinda girl... Even with all the craze concerning the iPod 1 year back has not really triggered any desire in me into having one for myself. I mean... it's just an MP3 player... how can it cost so much? We are basically just paying for the brand! And I’m not really a handphone person either. My handphone is like one of the oldest model ever! I dun really need to have the latest or most 'in' handphone of the day (with technology nowadays u never know!)... just with the basic function like camera, user friendly sms-ing, MMS once in a while and one or two nice games and I’m ready to go..

Until now...

My ultimate dream... (Other than getting into the university of my choice)... Hehe...

I want!!! I want!!! I Want the PINK wan!!! iPod Nano.. I know the whole world has it already... but I want it tooo....!!!

Isn’t this beautiful? It’s so slick! Sony Cybershot T10! And the best part... its PINK!!! =) Any comments on this camera?

I have had my phone for ages! Even my younger brother phone is cooler than mine! Sigh… super unfair! And he lost his previous phone which was also better than mine! And my parents bought him a new one right after that! I want a new one too… but not really sure whether this is good though... I just love the colour! Haha..

It's beautiful right? Admit it...

I hate to sound like a materialistic gal or some spoiled brat... but... sigh... i want... boohoo... Should I get it or save daddy's money?

Or anybody knows how to get these for free? Wanna sponser me? Anyone? ^.^


Smalltown RN said...

To me a phone is a long as I can contact who is on the other end that makes me happy. Colour style....nope I don't give a hoot.

But if that is what you want...then i hope you get it.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! I can totally relate! Don't care too much about phones but I have an Ipod which was one of the earlier models. The Nano's cute but I want an Ipod video. All the music you want plus movies! Sigh! Wish Santa was real.

Also, you work in a kindergarden? How cool! That's one of my dream jobs.

Merv Kwok said...

Coincidentally, my close friend just bought herself a new iPod for christmas.!

Anonymous said...

my phone is as old as the hills, I have had many different one's and keep returning to the same one.

Tm Lee said...

i love the black iPod...

but then i never had an official christmas present till today.. xD i jz blend in the festival only

btw.. to link me up?

-Princess Shin- said...

Qualicum rn,
Yeah.. that's the most practical n it definately saves lots of money! Hehe.. thanks anyway.. You're nice! =)

But i find the screen so small.. a bit hard to watch movies.. but yeah.. i wish santa was real too.. =( haha..

Yeah.. temporary working in a kindergarden! But you have a kindergarden right in your home! =)

Merv Kwok,
Christmas isn't here yet! I also jealous la.. boohoo..

So loyal.. cute! =) Thanks for dropping by!

Tm lee,
I don't really celebrate christmas too.. i just like the presents part! haha.. Linked u back already!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Do pop in more. :)

Anonymous said...

I have the iPod Nano...I love it. I hope you get it.

Dia said...

yeah, iPod Nano is really nice, I want one too!!! :) As for my cell phone, I still use the NOKIA 3210 (hahaha I can see you laughing) for phones and sms, the rest (photos, mp3) I use other staff hihihi, my best wishes for your ultimate goal, University!! :)

-Princess Shin- said...

Rasa Malaysia,
You're welcome! =) Take care!

Janat a.k.a wonder mom,
Thanks.. =) Maybe i should save money.. but oh well.. depends on my persuading skills! hehe..

as long as the phone is functional its all right.. =) i don't really like those phones that comnbines everything into one too..
thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

click & comment monday is a group, and you go to the blogs, and sign the linkies, and leave comments.


-Princess Shin- said...

Ok.. Thanks for dropping by! =)