Sunday, November 12, 2006

Being a Kindergarden Teacher

My week long's experience of being a Kindergarden teacher has finished. I was supposed to replaced the previous teacher as she found out she was pregnant with twins! But it was just for one week as the school has stop for the year end holidays.

Remember my previous entry where I complained about working as a Kindergarden teacher? Not so much complaining actually but more like terrified that I could handle the kids? Well... turns out I had more fun than I had anticipated! =)

This is their playroom cum 'learning'.. if i'm succesful!

Though it was hard work having to prepare lesson materials for the kids. To make sure that the things/games/story that you prepare are interesting enough to hold on to their attention for as long as humanly possible! I never told so many stories before in my life! Heck! I never told little kids story before! Haha... do you know how short their attention span is? When you tell them you're gonna tell them a story, they'll squeal in delight, but 2 minutes later they'll start to get up and walk around! Kids! =(

My little Picasos' Masterpiece!

But they can be so adorable! So innocent yet so intelligent! The words that come out from their mouth would make any adult faint in surprise! And they're just merely 3 or 4 years old! One thing cute about them is how fast they quarrel and make up with their friends. Their favorite sentence seems to be

'I friend you okay? Don’t friend ___ (insert name here!)'

And they're super clever in telling tales...

'TEACHER!!! ___ never do homework!!!'


"TEACHER!!! ____don't want to friend me!"


''TEACHER!!! ___ beat me!!!'

And you will have to be the judge/prosecutor/social servant! Haha...

The innocence in them right now this very moment really makes u realize how beautiful children are. They don’t care wat race you are, or wat sex you are, just as long as you are friendly with me and don’t snatch my toys I’m fine with u. How many of us are like that when we grow up?

This particular boy was very happy to take photographs but for watever reason wanted to hide behind his bag giving that cute face of him for me to shoot! Talk about modelling! =)

Yup!!! I shall definitely miss them... I miss Eason the 3 year old boy that can write alphabets, read a bit of Chinese characters, and sing along to most of my nursery songs! And how he can be so mischievous when no one is looking but when you give him a stern look, he turns to an angel! And how small size he is which makes me love twirling him around!

I miss Marvin who just loves complaining about his friends to me as for some reason or another seem to be always quarrelling with this other boy. And how he'll share with me his stories from home when he's the last to go home.

I miss Yit Jou coz he's the sweetest, cutest boy in the whole class! (Actually I can't say that coz all of them are cute!) The way he smiles... he's mouth would form a smiley kind of face but he wont show any teeth! And he's just super shy! And the best thing, he has a pony tail. A super long wan! A cool 3 year old! I'm in love!

I'll definitely miss all of them! My week long experience even though with it's downs can't beat the ups that I received from this lovely kids! Each and every one of them... Special in their own individual way! Though I don't think any of them will remember this young inexperience teacher of theirs! Blowing a kiss to all of them!!! Muarx!!! =)

There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they grow up in peace.

Kofi Annan


Anonymous said...

Without teaching, I don't know what I would do....Hope you had fun and learned something from those little ones. They are very smart, you know.

Tm Lee said... cutey~~~

Anonymous said...

They may not remember you in the long run but what you taught them in this brief stint in kindergarden will help them form their adult selves. So you've already made an impact. :D

Anonymous said...

hmmm...wonder why my name didn't register in my comment.

Anonymous said...

I really really hated school when I was there or supposed to be there, but now I wish I had tried harder at it.

-Princess Shin- said...

Janet a.k.a '"wonfer mom",
I definitely learn something from them.. Gonna miss them terribly! =(

hehe.. i know.. wahaha..

hopefully.. i would like to think that way.. thanks!

wat happen?

Everyone has their own regrets in life but the most important thing is the present and the future! =) Take care!

pink fairy princess sa said...'re a soka gakkai member too?

Winged Acrophobic said...

Not everybody can handle the 'trauma' of a nursery or kindergarten. You must be a natural with toddlers, to have enjoyed your stint.

Anonymous said...

so what's next after this?

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Are you open to adding add RM to your Blogroll?

-Princess Shin- said...

Baby sa,
yeah.. i am.. u?

Winged acrophobic,
Yeah.. i agree.. it takes lots of patience definitey.. but i guess i personally love children so it's easier! =)

Staying at home for the time being.. u have any job for me? =)

Anonymous said...

Great work, Teacher Princess! Didn't I tell you you could do it? =)

zingtrial said...

Hi,This is a beautiful post and I'm glad you liked it.I liked reading this one.Whats next?
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you well

EA Cheng said...

Aih, I just wonder how children 'view' politics...

-Princess Shin- said...

thanks for ur support my blogger friend!!! =)

Glad that u liked it!!! It's really good to know when ppl love what ur writting! Hehe.. thanks for stopping by!

Ea Cheng,
Innocently and without prejudice i presumed!

~ JuVin ~ said...

hey.. suddenly i feel a wave of nostalgia.. i wonder why, haha

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to become a teacher. :) I like kids. Does your kindergarten need any extras? I'm ready to volunteer my time if time permits. *wink wink*

-Princess Shin- said...

Hmm.. u love children too?

Thanks for dropping by! =)

Yeah.. children are really beautiful.. but they can definitely be a handful! goodness!!! haha..

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. i need someone who can massage my back :) he..he..