Saturday, November 04, 2006

My October scores are in!

After days of waiting and anticipating... and fearing, and dreading and blogging about it... My SAT scores are here!!! Anti-climax!

Your October Scores Are In!

Test Date Test Score National Percentile
10/2006SAT Reasoning Test

Critical Reading67092%



Multiple Choice49 (score range: 20-80)

Essay6 (score range: 2-12)

I really dunno whether I should rejoice or feel terrible! Oh dear... Just look at my writing! Yup! My grammar is terrible! I is sad... I is no good! I is bad..! =( I has fail!

Boohooo... Depressed!

My essay marks are 'great' too... boohooo... I got 8 the last time! Now it's a 6!!! After having a blog? Haha... muz be because of blogging! Maybe the examiner felt that I was writing a blog and not an essay!!! BOOOHOO!!! It's all blogging fault! Blogging I dun like u!!! Woo-ah!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly give you a 12 for blogging, Princess! :p

Merv Kwok said...

Hmm... Try writing fictional/story like blogs. Those work pretty well in helping one's grammar :P

Anonymous said...

Blog about BolehLand .. er .. er .. i mean write an essay about Malaysia. Next year is Visit Malaysia Year 2007. It may give you some extra points.

terra shield said...

Hey, don't be depressed...

I just read through some of your stuff, and I find your blog to be quite nice.

PS: You visited my blog some time back... yes, I'm Malaysian. It's great to see a fellow country wo(man) blogger. :D

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. thanks! How nice if you were the examiner.. =)

Merv Kwok,
Fictional/stories are hard.. me no imagination! =( But it's all over no! Woohoo!!!

Next year is VIsit Malaysia 2007? Hmm.. I must get around to read our newspapers more! Sadnya! Haha..

Terra Shield,
Thanks for dropping by! Thanks for the compliment too.. wahaha.. can't get enough of this! =)

EA Cheng said...

Never put your faith in the score... Put the faith in yourself... Now this sounds like an old man talking ;P

Anonymous said...

wow, look how well you did on math though, NO one does that well on math. it's a rather yucky subject. so what's you're total score (i don't want to do the math) looks like it will be pretty high. congrats!

-Princess Shin- said...

Ea cheng,
Put the faith in myself? Haha.. too late now! are u old? hehe..

actually i dun really know how to calculate the total score! Is it add up the whole thing? if it is then it's 1820. I think.. My boyfriend got 730 for maths! Even crazier! Thanks anyway..