Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kids? What Kids? Help!

Oh dear... what have I done? Oh dear... Oh dear... I'm working now..!!! I was comfortably sitting at home enjoying my holiday when suddenly a friend of mine called me and ask me to help out in her Kindergarden! As a teacher!!! Argh? It was a super last minute thing and I was to start work today!!! And she told me yesterday!!!

Ok... I love kids and stuff but a room full of 3 to 4 years old little rascals? Help!!! I'm gonna be officially their teacher!!! For some reason, the old teacher is leaving in like 3 days so she'll use this 3 days (Wed to Fri) to pass on to me all her knowledge on how NOT to let the kids know that you're frightened of them!!! HELP!!! Oh dear...

Sigh.. Somebody save me!

I'm supposed to teach Mandarin, Malay, and Maths!!! And even think about ideas on what to let the children do during their arts and crafts lessons!!! Any Ideas??? They can't use scissors obviously coz they're just too young! Colouring is a bit too common and boring! Then what does this leave me? HELP!!! And songs!!! I so forgot all my Nursery Rhymes!!! Boohooo... And story telling! I'm terrible in story telling! First of all I have no story books whatsoever in my house to bring over to the Kindergarden... 2ndly... what if they suddenly say..

“Teacher, You're boring!!!"

What am I gonna do?

Ok... take a deep breath Shin...



Merv Kwok said...

Just take a few lumps of plastercine and dump it in front of the kids for arts and crafts hehe. That's what my grandma used to do

Anonymous said...

Can I enroll my little boy in your class? He's one heck of a rugrat, you know. :p

Good luck, Teacher! You're going to need it!


I'm sure you'll do great! Just grin and bear it. c",)

-Princess Shin- said...

Merv Kwok,
haha.. i thought of that too.. they actually have a special class for singing and play dough!!! Bluek! But this teacher has to try and be more creative! No luck though.. =(

I dun mind cute adorable little kids. Though i think all kids are cute and adorable! Sigh.. i have no control over them watsoever! I'm sure gonna need more luck!

Anonymous said...

start a story and let them finish it... i usually do this during long journeys and my kids enjoy it. whatever interesting that we saw along the way will be included in the story and at the same time i'll try to correct them.

btw, regarding beta blogger i think it's just that the std template is so boring. that's why a lot of people r comlaining but i think there's already a few beta blogger help sites available and a fre of mine, Orochi, hs even link a few for me, check him out. and if u ever stop by at his place tell him that i asked to say hello.

Tom Atkins said...

You'll do fine. Kids have such great imaginations that they only need a little encouragement and a little freedom and they do the rest!


Shoshana said...

Do you have 2 buckets of sand? a galloon of water and some scooper...except you'll have to clean them up afterwards!

You could do a nature walk. My kids loves it when I took them out and the look at my garden and my weeds growing in the garden.

Or for a playgroup...playdough is always a hit, as long as no one's allergic to wheat.

Let me know how that turn out.

-Princess Shin- said...

Tat's a great idea.. let them continue with a story.. though they're so small i dun know whether they can. But thanks for the idea.

Thanks for the advice on the beta blogger thing. I'll definitely check it out!

Tom Atkins,
A little of everything huh? Well said! =) Thanks for dropping by!

I think playdough is the best! haha.. shall do it next week! =) Thanks!