Saturday, November 18, 2006

Excursion to Malacca -Part 1

Wow... It has been a week since I last posted!!! My imaginary readers must be getting super tired of coming to my blog and finding out that I have not updated anything yet... Thousand apologies. Guess what? I went to Malacca. Hehe... for those who didn't passed their Geography in school last time, well... Malacca is in Malaysia and it's known as Bandar Bersejarah (Historical Town-or something lidat) But for me... it's known as The City of FOOD!!! Wahaha...

So for the next few blogs, I’m gonna introduced the bestest and most loved food in Malacca! Enjoy ya people!!! For my imaginary friends from all over the world... well... u can get a taste of wat is Malaysian food! Try not to lick your monitor. It'll be kinda gross but if u want... well... its Ur monitor! =)

I took a bus to Malacca to visit Cody. Took me 2 hours to get to Malacca on a bus which cost RM11 (US $3). Went to Pudu Bus Station for that. That's another experience altogether. Getting on the bus station I mean. The dirt, fumes and throngs of people is quite enough to make a princess like me feel terribly uncomfortable. =( But well.. it's an experience for me!

The bus was quite spacious and comfy though. Apart from waiting an extra 30 minutes for it coz the bus I was supposed to take failed to arrive. It was quite nice compared to being in the hot and congested bus station. Okay... enough of scaring away potential tourist to Malaysia. Now for the good part.

That night, me and Cody went for Satay Celup. It's located at Ong Kim Wee.. Dun really know who the person is but well... his street serves delicious satay celup!

It doesnt say anywhere on the sign that it's satay celup. Unless u can read Chinese! Unfair!

Know what's that? Or rather do u know wat is Satay? Well... for starters satay is a very popular food in Malaysia. It consists of chunks of chicken or beef 'poked' into sticks and later barbecued to perfection. It is normally eaten with peanut sauce which is both spicy and well peanut-ish. Not recommended for faint hearted though! =)

well... the difference between satay and satay celup is satay celup is not cooked! Everything is raw and the whole point is that we have to dip our different sticks into this hot pot in the middle of our table to cook it.

Oooh.. hot steamy.. sigh..


And guess what? The pot is filled with hot steamy PEANUT sauce!!! Hehe... Where Satay is just chicken or beef... well... for satay celup we have everything! Crabmeat, sotong (calamari), sausage, quail eggs, even vegetables!!!

It's a bit not halal here.. =(

This is wat the locals call 'sotong'!

And the result.. YUMMYLICIOUS!!!

Helped!!! I'm cooked!!! Get me out of here!!!

I ate almost 10 sticks of pure quail eggs!!! That is like 20!!!

This is how many sticks i ate!

AAll in all... i really enjoyed my dinner over there... I use to always think Satay Celup will not be nice and wat's the fun of dipping everything into that pot and making everything taste the same? But surprisingly I really loved it. One thing though... You’ll end up all hot and stuffy and... Smelly... =(

Definitely worth is though.. wahaha....


Anonymous said...

yer, u just reminded me how much i miss sate celup! and u reminded me how long i've not visited my friends in mmu! use to eat that like monthly till dead bored alraedy.

did u try the pig's ears? i love it the most, my fav! it's soft yet crunchy, hope i didnt gross u out! hahhaa

nice to meet u!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I just love trying foods from all over the world but I must say I have never had quail eggs, or pigs ears yuk!!
sounds like you had a blast out there wish I had gone with you hehehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

Yum. We had chicken satay at our wedding in Napa California, 5 years ago...It was my first intor to it an d I loved it.

Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! I love satay.

-Princess Shin- said...

Hey.. nice to meet u too.. i just got back from there.. my bf is from there.. i did try the pig ears but din finish it.. was to full already.. haha.. can die early also if eat too much of that! =)

yup..!!! i did... i love food! wahaha..

u are always free to visit Malaysia. The food here is superb!!! =)

janet a.k.a. "wonder mom"
Really? u had satay at ur wedding? i'm suprised! =) hope u like it! haha..

hey.. welcome back! I love satay too.. but u have to eat the best or else it's not nice.. =)

Anonymous said...

heh. not sure about your imaginary readers but us real one's aren't tired of coming back day in and out lol

Anonymous said...

I went to the same joint 2 years ago! Let's see where else you ventured in Part Deux.

terra shield said...

Yikes... now I'm all hungry, and it's only 10:00 am.

By the way, you have been linked!

Anonymous said...

YUM! You made my tummy grumble. Now I want to go back to Malaysia just to eat! ;p

pink fairy princess sa said...

nice satay celup
but uh..that's half of my one day's calories i guess..
erm..i link you up alright?
isit okie?

ps:u link me up too k?hehehe

-Princess Shin- said...

Merv Kwok,
That's the best compliment i have ever heard! =) Thanks!

Winged Acrophobic,
Really? Was it nice too? I just love Malacca food!

Terra shield,
You have been linked too..!!! Talking about food makes one hungry right? Sigh.. how to go on diet?

My turn to be Miss Tourism now.. wahaha..

Baby Sa,
Thanks for linking me! I have linked u too..!!! =) U eat so little? Take care oh..

pink fairy princess sa said...

dieting season.
k..u take care too..=)