Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stop those burning!!!

Ok... I know there's a lot of Malaysians blogging about the Haze nowadays... but I can't help it either... it smells so terrible... Why must we put up with this every year??? Argh... can't they do something about it? It's not only polluting the environment but those poor trees... burnt just like that...

I remember there was once, my lecturer post us a question,

'Is the air we breathe free?'

Obviously all of us answered yes...

Then our lecturer gave an opinion which to me rings very true... He said what if someone charge us for the air we breathe? For instance wat if our neighboring country asks Malaysia to pay them a sum of money to stop their burning forest? And if we don't pay up, they won't stop the burning...

Hmm… How true... We were all quiet for a moment thinking oh my god... what if that really happen? Imagine if ppl were 'evil' enough to actually do such a thing?

Is the air we breathe a privilege or is it something that is naturally ours? Why are we taking for granted things that are naturally given to us? We won’t fully appreciate it until it's gone right? Isn't that human nature? Now that Malaysians are suffering because of the haze, yearning so much to breathe in fresh air again, can we ask ourselves

'When we had fresh air to breathe, did we fully appreciate it?'

Or did we just take it for granted? Did we get up early in the morning and smell the morning breeze?

Or did we just got into the car, and drove to office or uni without caring if we polluted the environment?

Now that our fresh air is temporarily taken away from us, let us take a moment and promise ourselves that when all this is over, we will wake up early and take in the deep fresh morning air.

And just maybe I’ll go for a jog as well... though I sincerely doubt it... =)

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Thebodytalk said...

It is a good call!