Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pink! Pink! Pink!

It's d month of October and everywhere you go... there's a Breast Awareness Campaign going on... Even the blogosphere has contradicted the virus too... =) Hopefully by doing all these... more and more women would go for check-ups and prevent it before it's too late.. Better late than never… Imagine how much you can actually save if there’s early detection!

Here... in the blogging community, there's this thing which all blogs redecorate and be pink in colour... well... since I already love pink... it'll not be much difference for me... but juz wanna share with u guys!!! =) for more information check out Pink October! There’s buttons too... like the one below... quite cool right? Go decorate your blog with pinkish stuff too... guys included... yup! *wink*

I found out that I’m really terrible in designing template and stuff... ok... I didn't found out... I knew it all along... But goodness... takes a look out there! There's so many beautiful designs out there... There's even a blog teaching us not very clever people how to design your blog pink! Even for the macho men out there... There's also this Design Meltdown website that gives you idea on wat you can actually do with ur website... some are really beautiful... but em... wat's d point if I dun know how to translate the beautiful designs into HTML language? >.<>

Though breast cancer seems pretty far off for me but I read that young women nowadays do get breast cancer too... it's getting more and more common... really scary if you ask me.. Unfortunately though... I have always asked my mum to go for a mammogram check up, she always refuses... I can see why though, d thought of some metal thing pressing against your breast is quite terrifying but for the reward of actually saving my life, I would do it any day! My mum is one stubborn woman! She even said to me,

'wat for I go for a check up? So wat if I know? Sometimes ignorance is bliss!'

Not when you can save your life MUM..!!! Argh! So... for those mothers out there... go listen to your daughter when she asks you to go for a check up... or if she doesn't ask, go anyway! You want to be there for a marriage and subsequently d birth of your grandchild right? So GO!!!

Here are a few breast cancer myths…

1. Breast cancer does not affect young women

Unfortunately, it’s so not true... sigh... women as young as below 30 have been known to be diagnosed with cancer.

2. The first sign of breast cancer is always a lump

There is more than one kind of breast cancer. Inflammatory Breast Cancer is an advanced and rare form of breast cancer that is not easily detected by conventional method. Typical symptoms include sudden swelling, itching, a pinkish rash and breast pain.

3. Only women are at risk.

Sorry guys… you are at risk too... = (

4. Your highest risk factor is your family history

80% to 85% of new patients with breast cancer don’t have a family member with breast cancer. Go figure!

5. Some foods may prevent cancer.

There is no scientific evidence in this. Unfortunately. However, eating d wrong type of food does increase your risk, particularly, calories. Oh dear, I’m dead…

6. It will always be a killer.

Hmm… I like this. The death rate is falling. Because of more effective treatment as more cases are detected earlier! What are u waiting for?

7. Surgery is the only option.

There are more than 20 types of cancer and its treatment varies. Early detection also reduces the need for surgery!

8. You can examine yourself anytime.

You can’t do it the week before or during your period, when they may feel more tender and lumpy. Do it once a month, a week after your period.

9. Exercise cannot prevent it.

Uh-oh... another reason for me to exercise! Hehe... on a more serious note though... it prevents by as much as 40 percent!!!

10. Pregnancy protects you.

A bit of truth in it IF you had your first child in your 20s. However, having ur first child after the age of 35 or not having children at all will slightly increase the chances. Oh yea, breast feeding will lower the chances!

11. Cancer of the breast is painful.

95 % are mostly painless. It does... but usually only at a very advanced stage, or after it has spread! So GO CHECK!

12. A woman will lose her breast is she's diagnosed with breast cancer.

The current treatment worldwide for early breast cancer is not to have a mastectomy, but to have the lump completely removed and to have the whole breast irradiated to ‘clear’ it of cancerous cells! So do go check k?

*Sources taken from October Issue of Malaysian Version of Cleo Magazine*

Hope you guys had a nice read! Better late than never! Take care!


Winged Acrophobic said...

Good effort. Hope the awareness spreads. Stay in the Pink of health. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

A friend is going to climb one mountain in Argentina with one of the PRIDE's member. :) Shows even if you had/have breast cancer, life goes on and there is no reason to stop!


thanks for dropping by!

Merv Kwok said...

There's a saying that goes "Cancer likes you when you're young" which is true. When you get it when you're young, it's at its must dangerous. And breast cancer is probably one of the worst to get.

mightylizard said...

hey hey!!...even here in Australia, you see a lot of products going pink. Mineral water bottles and even pink TimTam's! Complete with strawberry flavours.

thanks for the visit ;)

-Princess Shin- said...

Winger acrophobic,
Yeah.. awareness is really important! Stay healthy too! And happy! =)

always live life like there's no tomorrow! =)

Merv Kwok,
yeah.. scary just thinking about it! Thanks for dropping by!

Mighty lizard,
can i have one?

Anonymous said...

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Birthmark said...

Breasts is a very precious thing to a woman. I've always tell my girls, and female friends to check it frequently.

Not many knew about no.3.

I used that point for one of my submitted works for a course I took some time back. Which I'm proud to say that idea got me a top student award.