Monday, October 02, 2006


Cody is having he's exams soon... starting tomorrow! Good Luck yeah!!! I love ya.. and dun fall sick!!! >.<

Feeling a bit better now... at least i finish my script i am supposed to write for a presentation my uni mates need to pass up. Even though I’m leaving I can't leave irresponsibly right? I’m a nice girl I know... *smiles*

Anyway... guess what i found on the internet again... godness... the stuff i come across in people's blog are just plain weird and sometimes even creepyfying! Urgh!!!

There's this weird ear pointing thing that people actually do! I never knew such thing existed! I thought there were only tattoo and an occasional ear piercing! Who would have thought! See for yourself!

Scary right? And it seems that it hurts like hell too!!! Juz coz you want to be different doesn't mean you have to go thru so much pain right? Scary! Imagine going thru surgery to have this kinda ears... i mean who would actually do that... Imagine going into the corporate world with that kinda ears... or your CEO having this kinda ears... maybe he's a fairy or something... quite cool actually...or just maybe 1000 years from now everyone would have this kinda ears... can it be brought down to their children? Genetically..?

I’m confusing everyone right? Ok... forget it... =)

I know i don't have much piercings... i have one normal one on my left ear and 3 on my right. 2 below and 1 on top... quite proud of it actually but the pain i had to go thru... esp for the top one... could not sleep on that side of the ear for 2 months! And even that, my parents were not really happy about it... I had to ask for their permission for super long and finally when they went overseas, I went and did it! Haha... Lucky they were quite cool about it... I do have quite understanding parents! =) Won’t go thru it again... Though I wouldn't mind a 3rd one one my right ear but I guess a bit more and I would start looking like a lala girl. No offence though...

Take a look at these!

Look at his neck!!! It looks like a corset!!! I actually like wearing corset style clothes..! And his ears!!! I can put a finger inside!!!

He looks like wolverine now... wonder how's he gonna write? Or eat? Or... poor girlfriend... no offence though...

If you want more... you can go on to this site... Modblog He has all kinds of pictures there... Girl piercings, guy piercings, weird piercings, gross piercings!

Seriously very scary... how can some find it as a form of art is beyond me.. But well... art is always appreciated by different people... what you find beautiful is what others find monsterous! One man's meat is another man's poison...

What can I say... =)


Anonymous said...

I particularly have no love for the ear piercing/hole making whatever-you-call-it.

Freaks me out.

Tm Lee said...

Thanks for visiting.. hehe so you are a DotA player too ler.. girl? Rarely see one...

You taking SPM too?

Shoshana said...

I have no single piercing whatsoever. It's scarry....and is that ears for real?

-Princess Shin- said...

Dear shoshana,
Yeah.. that ear is for real.. scary right? haha..

Dear tm lee,
Yea.. i play dota sometimes.. sometimes only la.. so if u see me online dun buly me k? *wink*
Past SPM long time ago di loo.. =)