Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I do love my brother but..

Siblings... Everyone has them... well almost everyone. Some are very close to their brothers or sisters some are not... I know of friends that are super close with their respective siblings... Best friends in fact. Especially those that are very close in age... Really close (literally!)... Practically share everything. And let's not forget twins!!!

I have a younger brother, he's 13 years old this year so that makes us 6 years apart from each other. I do love him... I do treat him as my little brother and such but our relationship is seriously terrible. I'm off to university nowadays and when I do get back during the weekends, we don't even speak close to 5 sentences!!! The only thing we do talk about goes something lidat...

Me: Hey... let me use the computer.
Him: Wait can anot?
Me: Faster la... I wanna check my mail.

*I will then sit down and wait for the computer*

minutes later

Him: Nah!
Me: Thanks...

*End of conversation.*

Another version of our conversation may also go something like this...

Him: Wat lah you... already so soft di...
Me: I can hear it from my room! Please soften it!
Him: You are so IRRITATING!!!... Go back to your university la!

*End of conversation*

This is practically what we say to each other... I’m serious! We have a very unique relationship! When we were younger I think it was better... coz at least we still have human contact with each other... that is him biting my hands or me punching him or something! But nowadays I don't think it's possible anymore coz he's slowly evolving to be a man and well... I’m scared... >.<

Just a few months ago... we had a minor argument about the computer again... (Wat’s new?) and things started to get a bit out of hand... we started shouting at each other and before you knew it... we were fighting!!! God... I really didn't realize wat a big boy he is now! How strong he is!!! Seriously!!! I can't win him like I use too...

On a more serious note though... it's not that I dun want a proper relationship with my brother but it's just so hard for me to open up to him and him to me. I dun know what went wrong but this is just it! Sigh... I just had a conversation with my parents about my brother and my dad was like saying my brother is not as bad as I judge him to be. He's actually a very loyal and respectful guy... (Really? how come he never shows tat side of him to me?) Especially to girls. And if you can put yourself to his level and treat him as a friend, he actually can have a lot to say to you. You must stop being so judgmental to your brother because he shuts off once you start advising him and judging him! And before you know it... both of you are gonna be adults and have your own respective families and boom... it's too late! You'll miss your childhood!!! >.<

Isn't that a bit harsh? But seriously though... I admit I have a really terrible relationship with my brother. He's my only sibling for heaven's sake but I just can't bring myself to talk to him. Every time I try, we'll juz end up in an argument and he can be so rude! He’s usage of four letter words can win me any day! What should I do? I can talk to everyone else... 13 year old boys too about everything but I just can't have a decent relationship with my brother... I wanna know bout his school, he's so called girlfriends, he's teachers, he's studies but...

I still remember when I was 6 years old... how i hated to be the only child in my family.. How much i envied my friends who had brothers or sisters and how much i begged my parents to give me a younger brother or sister.. And the day I knew my mum was gonna give me a little brother, I was so excited and happy! I couldn't wait for him to come out into this world! The day my parents bought him back, I couldn't stop playing with him.

What happen to those days?

Sigh... I dun like being like this... = (


Shoshana said...

Wel, I have little bro and sis, two of each. Some days, I wish I was an only child, but the rest of the days, I am so happy I have them sibblings.

SBB said...

Your father is not being harsh, he's very wise.

If you want to bond with your brother why don't you try taking him out to do something you both enjoy - just the two of you go to watch a movie and have a meal . Try to see him as a human being also - not as a younger brother. i.e. don't talk down to him, don't lecture him or judge him - just have a conversation with him, laugh at his jokes and basically just start to learn what your brother is like - not what you think he is like.

It can be very hard, but it will be worth it. On the other hand, maybe he is also too young for you two to mesh together and you will need to wait until you are both older and wiser before trying to form a reltionship.

Good luck!

-Princess Shin- said...

Thanks for the advice Shiny blue black! I'll try..

Thanks for dropping by!

Benjamin said...

fight him everyday. study his every move. in time, you will come out with a counter-attack then you can start slapping him around the room and show him who's boss.


start watching WWE or whatever kids his age these days thinks is cool so you'll have at least a chat topic.