Sunday, October 01, 2006

Erotic Pussies, For your viewing pleasure..

Just like to share with you guys something I stumbled upon in one of the websites. I dun usually share sex related stuff (not to say that this is something related to sex) but well... this can be considered to be a form of art too...

it states there that

The photographs from Petter Hegre's Y Project Collection have until now only been seen at exhibits at the Stavanger Museum of Art in Norway, and the Galeria Antonio de Bernola in Barcelona.

Check it out yourself...

The Y Project Collection

Imagine this being in an art museum.

I have to admit though... I'm not the biggest fan of my little pussy down there... I mean I'm thankful that I have one... It releases me from being over bloated with H2O now and then and even gives me pleasure once in a while... *blush*

But to love it and treat it as a form of art? Maybe I’m a bit too traditional and conservative for that.

I remembered though reading a book in Borders titled 'Vagina Monologues'. Goodness... that was definately an enlightening read! It was all about how we woman species should embrace our vaginas and not be ashamed about it. It started out with how we ourselves named our little pussies.

'I believe in the power and mystery of naming things. Language has the capacity to transform our cells, rearrange our learned patterns of behavior and redirect our thinking. I believe in naming what's right in front of us because that is often what is most invisible.

Think about the word vagina. I believe that by saying it 128 times each show, night after night, naming my shame, exorcising my secrets, revealing my longing, was how I came back into my self, into my body. By saying it often enough and loud enough in places where it was not supposed to be said, the saying of it became both political and mystical and gave birth to a worldwide movement to end violence against women. The public utterance of a banished word, which represented a buried, neglected, dishonored part of the body, was a door opening, an energy exploding, a story unraveling. ‘-Eva Ensler

The book has some interesting and funny topics too... like

'if you could dressed you vagina, what would it wear?'

They have feelings too... =) haha... cute... This book is certainly very empowering!

On a serious note though... the books also tells some stories on how some women were violated. How they were forced to have sex with their husbands or boyfriends. How they were raped at countless occasions and not being able to do anything about it.

Eva Ensler writes, "Slowly it dawned on me that nothing was more important than stopping violence toward women - that the desecration of women indicated the failure of human beings to honor and protect life and that this failing would, if we did not correct it, be the end of us all...when you rape, beat, maim, mutilate, burn, bury and terrorize women, you destroy the essential life energy on the planet. You force what is meant to be open, trusting, nurturing, creative, and alive to be bent, infertile, and broken."

How true. How many women out there are suffering in silence because they have no one to turn to? Or have no way out of their suffering. How can we protect ourselves if we ourselves are ashamed of ourselves? Not fully knowing the value of our lives and our rights?

She even started a project called V-Day to stop the abuse.

This is definitely a recommend read. Very liberating and humorous. Interesting.

Check this site for more information.

That's it for my vagina dialogue! Sorry if I disappoint you guys… =)

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Geeze.. I thought a topic about sex would be drawing huge crowd here but there's not a single comment here.

hey I'm not trying to potrait myself as a very hamsup person la (though I am ;p)
but then it is important for us to understand more about one of the very important part of human anatomy.