Thursday, December 27, 2012


Ok. I need to absolutely push myself for the last few days before the New Year. There are still so many unsettled stuff for me to overcome and improve on. Ahhh.. 2013 will be a great year! I must make sure of it!

One year, while thanking his disciples, Mr. Toda said: "Shiwasu literally means 'the
teacher is running.' I know you're all busy, but I myself am running at full speed. Please
all do your best for kosen-rufu." Mr. Toda really did run at full speed for the sake of
kosen-rufu, just as he said. I know how he felt. I, too, am running full speed, 365 days a

There is no fulfillment in the life of one whose heart has grown stagnant and apathetic.
Let's take the example of gongyo. After doing gongyo, you feel a sense of fulfillment.
Though you might be tempted to skip gongyo, telling yourself, "This is so much easier!"
later on you might feel out of sorts! [Laughter.] And the same could be said of efforts to
share the Daishonin's Buddhism with others or attend Gakkai meetings.

With exuberance and vigor, please join me in running at full speed for the great vow of
kosen-rufu, and so put the finishing touches on this year.

Though we may be many times busier than others, we will also experience many times
more fulfillment and satisfaction. Such a life is victorious. Such a person is admirable.
This is what Mr. Toda taught.

Daisaku Ikeda WT 1/11/08

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