Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blown Away

The hurricane is coming.

Sorry if that's the only thing I can talk about but seeing how devastating Hurricane Irene was last year, I'm kinda nervous about this new one now. Hurricane Sandy.

Seriously.. why are they always named after a lady?

Whatevers.. That's another topic to address.

But yeah. This hurricane Sandy is scheduled to come either Monday or Tuesday. Or even Sunday evening. I really really hope I don't lose power. Last year, some of my classmates had power cut for over 2 weeks. Can you imagine that? And last year, it was supposed to be the "worst" in 20 years. And now.. this new one, is again supposed to be the "worst" in 36 years.

What the? Hurricanes are a yearly occurrence now!

Its not gonna be fun if you're outside during the hurricane. Now matter how thick your men's parkas are. So hopefully you won't be stuck outside at that time. Though while I was out today, I did wonder how it'll be like standing or walking on the streets during the hurricane. For one thing, it'll definitely be really quiet don't you think?

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