Saturday, July 14, 2012

Do you have a vice?

Everyone has something that they know its not good for them but they indulge in it all the same because.. Hell.. we deserve something to make us feel good after all the hard work we put in. Its just a matter of degree that its bad for us and whether sometimes, it hurts the people around us or not.

It can be anything really. From shopping when you feel down, or going for massive amount of ice-cream, to partying every weekend, drinking, smoking, gambling etc.

Do you do it often?

Does it eat up a lot of your money? Could you use your time and money more productively? Well, we're all human beings and I think that its really okay to indulge in our desires once in a while but the important thing is to be aware of the cons of it and balance it with the good things in your life.

For example.. get discount cigars and only smoke it once in a blue moon.

Like my dad. Or so I think.

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