Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Breaking car windows

I thought living in Malaysia was dangerous and hard but living in the US isn't like super safe either. People have told me that the town I'm living in has super high crime rate and that I have to be careful when I park my car outside on the streets.

Its not only dangerous to leave your cellphones (especially iPHones) or GPS laying outside in the open. Even leaving the holder will indicate to the people that you have a GPS in your car. Even having marks on your screen will tempt people to break your glass and attempt to steal the GPS!!!


We should all change and buy golf GPS instead. So we don't have to worry about it being in our cars.

Seriously. Thought I left my third world country (not that I don't love my beloved third world Malaysia) but I guess not.

No offense to third world countries though. Its just a term used. Its totally arbitrary I know. Lets not get into a debate about that.


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