Friday, March 23, 2012

Playing the Rock

I used to have a really good friend who was obsessed with rock music and everything associated with it. I myself didn't have any interest in it but because of him, following him around guitar shops and attending concerts and stuff has led me to learn a few things and even start appreciating the world of Rock music.

Of course I can't say I'm an expert in it, far from it. I'm still a soft rock, radio listening kind of girl. Wish I could play the guitar though. Or even any string instrument. String instruments and me just don't go together. All the strings just makes me confused! How do you even know where to press? Its all so arbitrary. Especially when I have terrible listening ability. Playing the piano is so much more easier. At least there are specific keys you can press. Unlike the weird guitar where just a few millimeters away from where you're supposed to press and your music will sound totally off tuned! And guitarist always have their obsession over what guitars they buy. I mean do they really sound different? What's so good about it? I guess only a guitarist will know the difference.

Though for me, playing a baby grand is definitely much better than a regular piano. The feel and the touch and the sound is just different. Much richer.

Ah I miss playing the piano.

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