Monday, January 23, 2012

Musical Itch

I miss my piano. >.<

One thing bad about being far from home and also not being at undergrad anymore is that I don't get to play the piano anymore. I mean, its not that I was super good at it because I'm definitely not but at least I could play the piano or even take some part time music lessons when I wanted too. But now...

The last time I actually played I think was almost a year ago. I doubt playing the piano is like riding a bicycle. Once you lose it, its really hard to get it back.

Piano is kinda the only music instrument I can play. My brother can play the drums. Oh goodness, I never understood why that was fun. Its soo super crazily noisy. But I guess if you're in a band, it'll be fun. My dad bought him a set of drum set a few years ago. Boy was it super noisy. Thank goodness I already moved out that time so I didn't need to listen to it. Only those rare occasions when I was back for the summer.


Argh I miss my piano.

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