Monday, January 23, 2012

Holiday on Wheels

Because US is so huge, Americans tend to take road trips as part of their vacations. Instead of flying to other countries, they take road trips and explore the other parts of the country. I never really understood that because in Malaysia, the ideal way of taking a holiday is to travel overseas. But the East and West coast of US is seriously different. And from one end to the other can take you literally a week to drive. That's why I guess RVs are so popular here.

I went up one recently because it was in a showroom in one of the malls and its seriously super interesting. Its literally like a house! And don't think its cheap either! It almost cost as much as a house itself!!!

Unfortunately though, just like everything else, RVs have RV insurance too. I mean, that's totally understandable I guess. When you buy something so expensive, and you actually drive it around, you need to insure it too just in case something bad happens. Even iPhones have insurance these days. =.=

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