Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gadget Freak

Though my Canon SX10IS is huge, its does take really good pictures. The only problem is seriously (why do I keep using this word?) .. its humongous. How is a lady like me supposed to carry around a huge *** bag just to fit in this gigantic camera?

And don't even talk about a camera cases. I bought a camera case for it once on Amazon which cost me about $20 something I think, and I never ever used it. Because it made my camera even bigger.

I want a new camera. =( But my friend recently told me that I tend to buy a camera once every year. No I do not. >.< Do I? Ahhhh.. is that bad?

I'm like my tech freak dad, who needs some new gadget every now and then, gets bored with it and buys a new one all over again.

I'm sorry but.. but.. can I get a new camera?

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