Saturday, December 17, 2011

Definitely not saving trees

I appreciate my undergraduate college so much more. Over there, students could print as much as they wanted without any charge. Rumor has it that every student gets 500 pages every month and it accumulates. I don't think any student has tested that before because seriously, who prints out that many papers everyday?

Here in my graduate school, printing everything cost about $.05 each. I know that's not a lot but when you want to print out your outlines at the end of the year for finals, or print out your class notes because ExamSoft doesn't allow you to access to any of your documents while you're taking in-class exam, you kinda have no choice. Its like buying a new book but its actually your own stuff.


A friend of mine gave me her old printer but I have yet to plug it in. I still need a cable and everything. I need some POS hardware to get me started. Though I seriously don't know which is cheaper. Printing in school and paying 5 cents for each piece of paper or buying everything and printing it at home.

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