Saturday, August 13, 2011


Its the time of the year to pack. Pack pack and pack. Its the end of the summer and one has to spend the time packing and try to fit in as much things as possible into two luggage. Argh.....

I seriously don't know how to put everything inside. I mean how do you fit everything that you need to use for the next two years into two luggage bags? Shoes are the hardest to fit. Shoes are so huge!!! There's high heels (that girls can't live without), sport shoes (for those days that you feel fat), backpacking boots (just in case you find a man that loves hiking.. you never know..), flip flops (those days where you just want to go to a grocery store)..

And I think this time the airline is gonna charge me for the luggage. >.<

USD25 for one luggage. What happened to flying without paying for all these tiny stuff? Argh.. I'm so nervous about the flight and the move. Help!

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Rhed said...

No need to be nervous about the flight or even the moving. Just a little adjustment and you will be fine!

Have a safe trip!