Saturday, August 13, 2011

House on Wheels

I was watching a TLC program the other day about RVs and do you know how much one can actually cost? Those nice huge moving house on wheels that people use to travel around the country on roads.

It can cost up to USD1 million! And even USD2 million!!!

Seriously.. why would anyone spend that much money on a "house" that you barely stay in? Yeah yeah.. when people are rich they can buy anything they want but seriously.. RVs are small and how comfortable can it be? Why not use the money for something else? Though I know the interesting thing is that it is movable but you can fly around in a plane can't you?

Weird people. Imagine. A RV already cost that much. How much would a RV insurance quote be? Seriously..

Hmm.. if I had an extra USD1 million. What would I use it for?

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