Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fat Talk

People always complain that they're fat. Especially girls. Even if they're not. I remember taking a class once in college which states that girls say they're fat as a "ritual." Its called the "fat talk." Sometimes they truly feel that they're fat but most times, they do it just because everyone else does it. Girls say they're fat because not only does it spark reactions like "no you're not," or "dont be silly! I'm the one who is fat," it makes them feel good to hear positive things such as those.

Are you guilty of participating in fat talk?

I know I am. Though I sometimes really worry that girls really do feel that way even if they're not because of all the images of slim girls bombarding their everyday life. Even PlayStation created a new game called zumba as an exercise fitness game.

Do you think you're fat? Or are you just saying it?

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