Thursday, May 05, 2011

Round Ball

There's really no such thing as an ideal shape for women. I mean seriously.. what is pretty anyways? Short and round? Tall and thin? Tall and round? Thin and round? No.. wait.. that doesn't make sense.

I'm short and round. =( I feel like a ball sometimes. Especially when I'm standing next to tall girls. Urgh.. One of my best friends is tall and slim and urgh.. I feel like a little round ball rolling around next to her. >.<

Sad I tell you.

And seeing diet pills for women seriously doesn't help with my self-esteem either. And all the runway shows basically features tall and thin women. American Next Top Model even had a special feature on "shorter" women and that was already like 5'4 or something. =.=

Where am I supposed to fit in this world. Bargh..!

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