Friday, January 28, 2011

Sensitive Boobs

Ok. *warning to my imaginary male readers, lots of womenly stuff ahead*

Help!!! My boobs hurt! >.<

Haha.. too much information? Well that's what you get for not taking the warning seriously.

But yeah. Did you know that women's boobs get sensitive when its the time of their month? Like super sensitive. So for you girls without this problem, please thank your lucky stars.

I wonder if big boobs correlates with increase breast milk production? I mean I know you horny men out there love big boobs and some women crave having bigger boobs but having big boobs is no easy task. Especially when it gets sensitive. =(

And imagine when you get pregnant because you know, boobs get bigger when you're pregnant and breast feeding. I can only imagine the pain involved. Though I guess the good side would be that you have lots of milk for the baby.. That's good right?

Oh god... o.O Can't wait. =.=

Still want bigger boobs?

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