Friday, January 28, 2011

Growing Old

I'm going to be 24 this year! TWENTY FOUR!!!! That's one year from being a quarter of a century old!!! Oh goodness gracious me.

Why did I want to grow up faster when I was young? Why why why didn't I appreciate my small childlike body, free time, no worries, and innocence?

Not to mention no heartbreak, financial worries, career worries (or lack of), academics and stuff? Bargh..

Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah. I was looking at the mirror the other day and I was actually trying to look for signs of aging. You know the dreaded "W" word. WRINKLE you silly person! Yeah. Women's best friend! =.=

I know I'm only 24 and I shouldn't worry about this yet but but but... You never know! Once it appears.. its all down hill from there... Do you know of any anti aging products that work? I wouldn't mind trying one now. You know.. never too early to start on anti aging miracles.

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