Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Jobless College Graduate

College students are poor. No denying that. Seriously. Everyone knows about it. That's why we have so many of our students working part time jobs in places like ice-cream parlor, movie theaters or even hardware store.

I mean, you can be an expert in door hardware you know. How can you not be? After working in a hardware store for the whole semester! You'll know everything you need to know about doors if you're stuck in the same section the entire time!

The only problem is when college GRADUATES can't find jobs. Now that's when the problem starts. You have a Bachelor's Degree and you're still working the same job as the college student that is TRYING to get his/her degree. And the worst part? Getting a graduate degree/professional degree doesn't naturally mean good job either. People with J.Ds (law degree in the US) are finding themselves serving tables and relying on tips toO!

Argh.. what is the world becoming?

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