Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Eye Power

One of my good friend just told me that her eyesight just got worse. She's only 21 and her eyesight is already -9.5! That's almost a 1000! (according to Malaysian calculation). Can you even see with that? Her glasses must be soo thick! Argh.. why must we have eye problems?

What should we do? What if we get blind or something? I myself have quite serious eye problems too. Not as serious as my friends but yeah.. what if it gets more and more serious? What will happen if I am 50 or something? I'll be blind by then!

Should I stop reading? Or watch tv? Or use my computer? That's everyone!!! Why isn't everyone having the same problems too? =(

On another note, having the eotech 552 will be kinda fun too! This would be great for anyone that has perfect eyesight but can't really see well due to environment constrictions. Or I'm sure for anyone with less than perfect eyesight too.

Imagine being one with less than perfect eyesight and having environment constrictions too. Sigh.. that's me!

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