Saturday, December 18, 2010

Small People in your Head?

There's this super sweet girl on my campus. Every time she saw me, she would give me the sweetest smile ever and would always ask me how I'm doing. I never really made an effort to be her friend though because there's wasn't really much to talk about between us. But she was seriously sweet.

Always smiling no matter what. That was my impression of her for me.

Then there was one time we were at a meeting, and she shared with us her problems. Turns out that she has frequent migraines, like everyday!!!

I was so shock to hear her say that. I mean seriously.. she was always smiling and always being so cheerful to people. Who would have imagined she had serious migraines?

How did she still smile so brightly even with such pain?

I hope she goes to some migraine treatment though. Or hopefully the problem has already solved itself but yeah.. Can you imagine having intense pain following you around every where you go doing everything?

Oh my god.. But one thing for sure is that I really admired her for her bright smile no matter what happened!

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