Saturday, November 20, 2010

Smokey smokey?

I have the coolest professors around I tell you. When I was a freshmen, I went to Peru together with my professor with a group of 8 other students to study about sustainable fishing in the Amazon. And guess what we did during our free time?

All of us had to live in a village that had no electricity or water. We had to bathe in the river or *cough* go to the jungle to pee. It was a pretty life changing experience. Because lights were out when the sun went down, all entertainment we had was of each other. And guess what our professor gave us? Yup. You got that right! He gave us punch cigars to smoke with. That was my first ever time smoking a cigar. What more with a professor.

Hehe.. he's cool. Super cool professor. Like my dad. Though I havent smoked cigar with my dad before.

Weird though. It smells weird. Don't think I'll do it for a living. =)

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