Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Never Ending Volcanic Face

You do know that acne or pimples never go away right? You may think that you're over your teenage years and you're gonna have nice smooth baby skin from now on.. Haha.. dream on.

First, you're no more "growing up" but instead you're now "growing old." Second, remember that once in a month friend that drops by without any notice? Yup.. she/he (who knows) will tend to give you random pimples before or after (or if you're really unlucky both), he/she visits.

And then there is the stress. Don't forget that. Which can happen anytime of the year. The stress of trying to find a job, the stress of finally getting a job, the stress of trying to make a good first impression, the stress of maintaining your job.. and the list goes on.

Its never going to end. You are going to have acne problems forever. So faster go to your nearest neighborhood friendly pharmacist and get yourself some acne products.

You'll never know when you'll meet the guy of your dreams. Hopefully he doesn't have pimples too~

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