Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Precious Car

I'm really very particular with my precious car. I never let any Tom, Dick or Harry touch my car, even if I'm sitting next to them on the passenger seat. I mean, its not that I don't trust them.. its just.. if something wrong really happens, is that person going to really take responsibility?

I went home for the summer and gave my car to another person to look after it. I specifically gave instructions that the person can only drive around the university campus and not out of it because my car doesn't have car insurance right at this moment.

BUT..... I just found out recently that another friend of mine, who doesn't even have a driving license actually went and took my car, not only drove it around campus, but even out into the grocery store to get something!!!!

Ahhhh.... without my permission.

Thank god nothing happen but what if???


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