Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Rock The Era

Rock The Era is this Saturday!!! Wah!!! I can't believe it! Its less than 3 days!!! I'm soooo excited! Never been so excited by a Youth Festival before.

If you're around the area on the 10th of July. Please drop by Long Beach Arena in the afternoon. Doors open at 12pm. You can even register on the website Get the confirmation number and you're set to go!!!

I have participated in numerous cultural and youth festivals before but this is the first time I'm truly looking forward to it. I even enjoy the weekly 10am to 5pm practices. And let me tell you.. its no easy task. We had to do ab workouts the other day for a full 5 minute. It was killing me.

Oh.. I'm in the contemporary dance fyi. There's gonna be a whole bunch of performances. Hip hop dance, brass band, rap, chorus, drama.. you name it they have it.

Please come and support if you're free! You wont regret it!

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