Monday, March 01, 2010

Cute Penis!

The topic of sex is always used in either a joking or a embarrassing way. Especially in Asian culture. Nobody wants to talk about this taboo topic openly. Not sure what we are even afraid about especially if we are in the comforts of our own room. The wall judging us? Thinking that we are naughty little whores?

Does not make sense at all. I'm kinda frustrated really how society, even the American society puts such a restrain on the sex topic. Its like the act of talking about it, shows that we are "sluts/whores" and will be looked down by the society. That's why when people get STD's like herpes simplex, they don't know what to do because there is no one to talk to.

And we say we want more sex education in our school system. Yeah right. We can't even talk to our close friends about the size of our boyfriend's penis without worrying that the conservative-middle-age-white-women in our next table will hear us and judge us.

Who cares seriously?


Emma said...

As someone who's never had sex, I guess I can't really comment, but from what I heard, it's not how it looks/measures, but what the guy can do with it. :)

justin said...

too many ads!!! where's ur post my dear..l

-Princess Shin- said...

Hey Emma,
Haha.. true true.. =)

Welcome to my blog!

Its all truths! =.= What la u! I juz have one word that is an ad. You're terrible! =P