Monday, March 01, 2010

Are you a masculine female? Or a feminine male?

This semester I have been taking a class called Gender and Society. In this class, we basically learn about the stereotypical gender or sex image that we have about male and female and how we try and fit everyone into these stereotypical images. Somehow.. suddenly everything that I come across to, be it television shows or ads re-enforce to me that society is really putting us males and females into tiny little boxes.

And if we don't fit into these boxes, society shuns us.

Where do u think the concept of testosterone booster came along? Why do men have to take it? To make their "package" look bigger? To avoid them to have too much estrogen hormone in their body? What would happen if they do have "too much" estrogen? Is it a bad thing? Would they be less masculine and God forbid they become "gasp" gay?

See? These are the questions that people don't think about. People re-enforce the stereotypical rules on each other by whatever means possible to avoid anyone from being out of the norm. Do you do that too?

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