Thursday, January 07, 2010

Expensive Japan

Oh my god.. people always complain that Japan is expensive. I never really understood it until I came over and stayed here for a while. Maybe its because our Malaysian Ringgit is small but the living cost is Japan is crazily high! I can finish 300USD is two weeks!!!

Argh... Just having a normal dinner can cost you about 20USD. Traveling to Tokyo by the normal train will cost about 10USD minimum depending on what kind of train you take or if you know how to take the "long cuts" (to save money).

Bus rides itself cost about 5USD return trip. Imagine just going out without buying anything!!! You would have already spend about 20USD just on transportation.

And the clothes here. Yes, its really cute and I love it. But its also crazily expensive! Even US stuff are cheaper. Sigh..

I really need to get a part time job when I go back to the States. Hopefully I can get one though. But I hate boring old admin jobs.. though that's all I can do at the moment.

Ah... money money money. When will it ever be enough?

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