Thursday, January 07, 2010

The deception of the materialistic world

I realize there's many different versions of me. When I stayed in the small, humble village in Peru without electricity, or even bathrooms, I realized that I didn't need any of materialistic stuff to be happy. Human beings in general do not need pretty branded stuff to give them happiness. Instead, seeing the village kids running around barefooted, jumping into the river anytime they wanted put a smile to my face.

However, living in Japan for over 4 months has kinda change that. Now I feel that I need pretty stuff to make me happy. I have spent soo much money here its unbelievable. And guess what, recently, I went to a Coach shop and I wanted to buy the purse in there sooooo badly! I kinda always pride myself for being the non-materialistic girl when friends all around me are trying to get the latest high fashion bag or purse.

But now.....

I want a pink Coach wallet!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

That's the same thing with the LED HDTV too. Who the hell needs that? Do you need to spend so much money on that big screen thingy to make you happy? Of course not. You just want it because its stylish and it will "somehow" make you viewing experience "richer."



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