Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Cool White Coat Hero/Heroin

I always think its cool being a doctor. I mean, how many people can actually have full control over your life? Imagine being able to dig into a human being's brain, or heart to save their life.

I don't think I'll be able to be a doctor this lifetime. I probably can if I want to but I dont want to spend my whole life working just to wear a white coat. Maybe next lifetime.

That's the wonder of believing in the eternity of life. You can keep stuff that you cant achieve for your next life. Like my next life I want to be a tall girl. With big boobs too! Wahha..

Anyway.. my point is, its kinda cool saving people dont you think? That's why I think its really good to learn CPR. Imagine someone choking in a restaurant and no one knows what to do. You can be the hero/heroin of the day and save that person's life. Don't you think so? That's why I think those medical coding training courses that are offered in various places are something to be considered.

You don't know who's life you'll be able to save. Like your boyfriend, or family. o.O That'll be intense.

But do you know what is sad though? Japan is known for its really good customer service and being here myself I can certainly verify that. BUT the medical field.. oh god. You dont want to have something bad happen to you when you're in Japan. The medical personnels here treat you like "sh*t!" I'm not kidding. Its the way their culture system here is. Because most of the time, the service industry needs your business, that's why they treat you with respect. But the medical personnels here know that you need their help and not the other way around, that's why they're known to be rude at you and stuff.

Argh.. Japan is a weird place.

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