Friday, October 02, 2009

Tourist Trap

You know how like when you go to a tourist place for vacation, you always somehow end up in a "just for tourist trap" where you are kinda forced to buy something from there because everyone is so nice and all? My goodness, China is number one in this type of business!

My family and I were in Jiu Zhai Gou in Sichuan and we were just wondering where we should spend our mornings. So we asked one taxi driver to bring us to the nearest "ancient town." He was really kind and agreed immediately (of course right? there's money involved). But right when we arrived in the ancient town, he immediately brought us to this majestic palace where according to him is super interesting!

Well.. of course it turned out to be a trap because they were selling jewelry and loose diamonds. I mean what is the point with loose diamonds? Why would people want to buy them? To scatter it around in the house? And let ur dog chew on it?


My parents did not intend to buy anything but of course we did. I mean, you're halfway across the world right? And well.. the jewelry had "special powers" so who could resists it?

Traps. Be careful of them!

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